Adult Leaders

The Troop Committee

  • Troop Committee Chairperson – Mike Lowrey – Organizes the Troop Committee, Establishes Troop Policy, Coordinates between the Chartered Organization Representative, and Scoutmaster.

  • Chartered Organization Representative – Wright Dempsey - A member of Dunwoody United Methodist Church who recruits Adult Leadership for the Troop, and serves as a liaison between the Troop and DUMC.

  • Scoutmaster – Scott Madden - Trains and guides youth to lead the Troop, coordinates advancement for Star and Life to Eagle Scouts, and coordinates Assistant Scoutmasters.

  • Troop Treasurer – Joe Seegars – Handles Troop accounts, budget, payables.

  • Troop Secretary – OPEN – Maintains Troop minutes, documents, digital content, and Troop communications.

  • Fundraising Chairperson – OPEN - Manages fundraising projects throughout the year including vendors, locations, volunteers, supplies, and communications.

  • Advancement Chair – Colin Sims – Monitors Scout advancement and facilitates opportunities to progress by planning program activities with PLC and Patrol leaders.

  • Merit Badge Coordinator – Larry Dove – Recruit Merit Badge Counselors, Maintain list of organizations that offer merit badge programs, and facilitate earning of merit badges by Scouts.

  • Outdoor Chairperson – Jason Rountree - Coordinates all aspects of outdoor camping activities including Campmaster support, equipment organization, and health and safety preparedness.

  • Assistant Scoutmasters – Trained adult leaders who support the Scoutmaster by attending events, coaching youth and youth leaders, conducting Scoutmaster conferences up to First Class.

    • Jason Rountree – Second Class and First Class Scoutmaster conferences.

    • Todd Trego – Scout and Tenderfoot Scoutmaster conferences.

    • Andrew Maichle – serving as Adult Quartermaster

    • Lance Franklin

    • Jason Griset

    • Michael Wesolowski

    • Shuming Nei

  • Campmasters – Responsible for logistics, decisions, and communications related to a specific camping trip or activity. Relies on Assistant Scoutmasters to manage Scout leadership. See the camping trip list located in the link on the Other Resources page.