Parental Involvement is Critical

When a youth joins Troop 266, it is understood that his parents have also become a part of the scouting program. Parents are requested to give their support and help the troop to accomplish its mission. There is a place for everyone and the Adult Leader page of this website describes a few of the many possible ways to participate in your youth’s development. By sharing the workload amongst many involved parents, the troop hopes to increase opportunities for all scouts without burdening a few adults. All parents are requested to:

Maintain an awareness of their son’s progress in rank advancement by reviewing the advancement section in the back of the scout’s handbook or at In addition, parents can provide encouragement and provide support to continue advancement.

Help the troop program.

Attend all Troop Parent Committee Meetings, Court of Honor Ceremonies, and be aware of the troop meeting procedures.

Be involved in the adult leadership of the troop.

Drop off and pick up your scout to all activities in a timely manner.

Assist in transporting scouts to and from weekend campouts and summer camp, as needed.

Attend monthly camping trips, as needed, to support your son and his peers.

Work on fundraising activities that support the troop.

Become familiar with the troop leaders including the scouts and adults.

Complete all medical and Troop Resource Surveys as necessary.

Attend adult leader training classes when necessary.

Become a Merit Badge Councilor

Assist with Board of Reviews