Winter Camping / Snow Skiing - Grandfather Mtn 1/2023

The campout was a success – 15 Scouts and 4 Adults took to the slopes with two more adults in support at the ski lodge. The boys braved below-freezing camping conditions on their first night and were treated to a classic mountain barbecue meal after conquering the slopes. The crew was led by Jacob Rountree and Chris Drake and supported by Campmaster Justin McNamara. Several Scouts worked on their Snow Sports merit badge during the trip.

We were below freezing both nights (16° first night , 24° second) and no scout had to avail of the emergency cabin. Scouts cooked out in sub-freezing temperatures on first night as well. We had 6 scouts who took their first ski lessons before tackling some of the best snow conditions on the slopes as well, with clear blue skies but battling long lines.