Scout Hut Lock-in

The Troop held its annual Scout Hut lock-in and we had 14 Scouts attend. They played games, both electronic and IRL types, they celebrated a birthday (Bo Boettcher), they worked on advancement – completing a First Class requirement by talking “Citizenship” with a City Councilman (Tom Lambert), and the held the 1st annual Troop 266 Dutch Oven Challenge. The winning was led by a Fox with most members from Moose, Snake, and Wolverine patrols. Two scouts also received Scoutmaster Conferences during the event. It was a fun evening for all!

A special thanks to Mr Dempsey for spending the night at the Scout Hut (along with Mr. Madden), as well as Mr. Rountree for attending the Friday night portion of the event and providing leadership and support. A shout out as well to Mr. Ballow and Mr. Magley (and their families) for staying until we could get two-deep coverage of Scout Leaders.